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Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One X Limited Edition Bundle: Accessibility Review


Cyberpunk 2077 is a hotly anticipated title as of the time of writing. Its various showings at events since its announcement have kept the games industry at large continuously interested in what the developers of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be able to pull off with the current console and PC hardware. With the Xbox Series X and PS5 on the horizon, it was interesting to see a final special edition Xbox One X announced so close to the game's release (after the title's launch had been pushed back to September 2020).

The console in question, as reported in official news posts, was to be the final Xbox One X special edition ever released, ending what I would consider to be a run that, in a few cases, pushed the envelope of what was possible (including console etchings that started with the Gears Of War 4 special edition and has continued in various guises ever since).

But enough with the introduction. The real question is this: Just how good is this final Xbox One X outing?


I had sighted assistance to cut the seals holding the outer sleeve to the main inner box. To remove the box from said sleeve, place the box horizontally with a short edge facing towards you. Then, placing a hand gently on top of the sleeve, take your other hand and push the long side of the box to your left or right depending on which side you're using. If done correctly, the box should simply slide easily out of the sleeve, meaning that this external part of the packaging can be put to one side.

If you find the long rectangular label on one of the long edges, that's the bottom of the box. Standing the box with the bottom on the surface you're working with, place a finger between the top flap and the outside of the box and lift it up and away to reveal the inner packaging.

To retrieve the first item, look around until you find a hole in a piece of cardboard. Place a finger into this hole and pull the small flat box upwards and out of the main package. The part of the box that has the hole in it can be lifted up much like a book to reveal a stand for the console inside.

Looking in the main box you'll find a second smaller box with a hole in. Repeating the process as before, place your finger into the whole and lift this cuboid box up and out of the main package.

The side of the box you've just lifted up contains the power supply (accessed by using yet another hole to lift the flap on that side). The supply, much like the other cables you'll see shortly, are tied with an adhesive seal which can be removed by pulling the tab round until it unties from the rest of the cable.

In the longer section of this smaller box, again opened via a hole in a cardboard flap, you can find the controller wrapped in a polystyrene or foam-like material, held together with a piece of tape. It's actually underneath a foam rectangle protecting it.

Lift the foam insert away and put it to one side, then remove the controller by simply pulling the bag out of the box. Slide your finger under the tape and carefully pull upwards and away from you to open the bag, the controller can then gently be pulled up and out, along with the batteries should you choose to use them. The batteries are wrapped in the same material as the controller.

In the bottom of this controller segment are the product regulatory guide, limited warranty and agreement leaflets and at the end of this same section is a HDMI cable, again wrapped in an adhesive seal.

The Console

Removing the console from the box is relatively straightforward. Place your hand between the two foam inserts holding the console in place and carefully lift the console, still in its wrapping, out of the box.

With the console still in the foam inserts, hold the console with one hand and remove one at a time, keeping the console stable.

Once the console is on a flat surface, you can begin unwrapping the same material that surrounded the controller earlier. There are two pieces of tape one on each side, as well as one underneath which I didn't use during my removal of the unit.

Undo the tape on both sides and, holding the console securely in one hand, you can pull the wrapping away with the other and put it to one side.

Finally, at the bottom of the box, there was a set of codes much like the ones that came with the Gears 5 console I previously reviewed. As well as the Xbox One X quick start guide, I found an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate free trial and a leaflet concerning the new Digital Direct program.

What Is Digital Direct?

Digital Direct is, essentially, a way to tie the items that you receive to your console, instead of having them attached to a redeemable code. For official documentation, you can go to the official Digital Direct page on the Microsoft Site.


Given I've now had the good fortune to be able to set up several Xbox One X consoles at this point, turning off my current one and switching the cables over was no problem. The ports are all arranged as they would be on a standard Xbox One X (from left to right the ones of importance for this being ethernet, optical out, 2 USB ports, HDMI out and power) and plugging the leads in in that order and turning the console on worked first time. Much like other special edition Xbox One X consoles, this one has accompanying audio cues to fit with the Cyberpunk theme, making for a great futuristic feel.

After a little while the console didn't seem to be doing anything, but sighted assistance revealed the press A prompt was already present. Pressing this didn't start Narrator speaking, however, but using the shortcut to enable it resolved this issue. From here, everything spoke as usual, including the update process.

Interestingly, during the update process, sighted assistance confirmed that though the console was updating and showing increasing values, Narrator was only telling me a value of 0% that was displayed at the bottom of the screen which eventually changed to 1%. This is likely a bug in the UI and hopefully can be resolved in future.

After the update had downloaded, verified and applied, I was prompted to sign into my Microsoft account.

After going through dialogues for enhanced error reporting and sharing game and app data with publishers, I was presented with a screen that allowed me to claim Xbox Game Pass Ultimate should I wish to do so. Given that I prefer to just use standard Game Pass at present, I opted to decide later to see what would happen next. On this same rather confusing screen I was also able to get sighted assistance to confirm that I could claim the Cyberpunk 2077 game itself, which I promptly did.

After moving on to the next screen where I had the option of entering any code(s) should I have them and declining it as I did not, I was then placed on to my home screen. Without the games and apps that I'd used initially populating it, it looked a little unusual, but once I started testing the console, this was soon put out of my mind.

How Quiet IS It?

The model this console replaces in my setup, specifically a launch model Xbox One X, was extremely loud at times, even after replacing the thermal paste once the product was out of warranty. Particularly of note though were the regular crashes I experienced when launching Doom Eternal on that unit, making it impossible to guarantee being able to play the game at all, though other titles worked fine.

The Cyberpunk Xbox One X console, however, has none of these issues, being whisper quiet even whilst playing high-intensity titles like Doom Eternal or Gears 5, something I'm incredibly happy with. I've had no crashes so far in the time I've had this console (touch wood) and everything has worked as expected.

Controller Description

The controller, at first, feels rather glossy on the majority of its surface, at least compared to other special edition units. The etchings, where they are present, are not as deep as some you might find on the Gears Of War 4 or Gears 5 controllers for instance, but they're definitely noticeable. The most surprising thing about this controller, excluding the writing and QR code which are impossible to locate without sighted assistance, is the right-hand side of the controller which, in place of the very right-hand segment of the hand grip, has a more mat-textured finish, giving an interesting element of contrast compared to the same area on the left grip which is more of a glossy finish.

That QR code referenced previously, when scanned, takes you to a link for the Cyberpunk 2077 official soundtrack on YouTube.


I've had the console for a little while now as of the time of writing and, short of going through every game I've played on it including Forza Motorsport 7, Gears 5, Killer Instinct and of course Doom Eternal amongst others, I can summarise by saying that I've had no issues whatsoever. It has been a joy to use. For a final Xbox One X special edition console, this is definitely a solid note to end on before the arrival of the Xbox Series S and X on November 10th, 2020.





If you can get hold of the Cyberpunk Xbox One X and you're looking to kickstart your special edition console collection, this is a great way to begin. This console is, like its predecessors in the special edition line, well-constructed and features great tactile detailing that even stretches to the controller. With this controller, we also see some unusual extras that you don't see in standard models and this definitely serves to open up possibilities for future special edition bundles as well, regardless of the theming.

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