Injustice 2: Notes and Tutorial Transcriptions

The following notes were created in the process of writing the Injustice 2 review and are designed for those without sight.

These notes are rough, but will hopefully be updated as time goes on with extra information. If you have any questions, contact the author.

The tutorial

One of the first things most people either ignore or complete in an NRS title is the tutorial. For the benefit of those who need it, I've transcribed it here for those who can't obtain sighted assistance. The notes are designed to be used to complete the tutorial after booting up the game for the first time.

Tick license terms, go down 1, tick transmition of privacy data to the US, then go down again and click a to accept. Video settings will require sighted help. Gamma - adjusting until the batman logo is visible and the size test - lining up arrows, will be inaccessible, but can be skipped.

Audio screen is just mid size, tv speakers, home theatre and back to mid. Suggest leaving this at default unless you want to change it deliberately.

If you have an existing inventory, you can restore on the next screen by pressing A. B will reset the inventory if one is found. Uncertain of what will happen if no WBID is found.

Press B to choose not to link to Injustice 2 mobile, you'll need sighted help for this so it's not worth trying without it, with no accessibility support.

Main menu, first option is single player. Pressing A on this allows you the opportunity to go to the tutorial, press A to do this.

A note

Most screens have an AI demo to view, activated by pressing the view button on your controller.

The Tutorial Proper

Basic movement training: Forward Back Dash forward Dash Back Duck and hold jump up jump back jump forward Basic movement training complete A continue B retry

Basic attack training Attack superman with Light Medium attack Heavy attack jumping light attack Jumping medium attack Jumping Heavy attack Basic attack training complete A continue B retry

Mastering defence is key. Avoiding or mitigating attacks is as important as inflicting damage.

Mid attacks target opponent's midsection and can be blocked by standing or ducking. Block 3 mid attacks

Low attacks target opponent's feet or lower body and can only be blocked by ducking. Block 3 low attacks

High attacks target the opponent's upper body or head and can be blocked by standing or avoided completely by ducking. Block 3 high attacks (you'll have to rush in to get him to hit you then block before he does)

Overhead attacks can hit ducking opponenets and are blocked by standing. Execute 3 overhead attacks right+a.

Block 3 of superman's attacks. Block training complete A continue, B retry

Use what you've learnt to defeat superman Mid attack Overhead attack Jumping attack defeat superman Good work, you have defeated superman. A continue, B retry.

Additional attacks can be performed by holding a direction whilst pressing an attack button. Execute directional attacks Left X Left Y Right Y Down Y Down A Basic training section complete. Proceed to environment training? A continue, b retry, Y tutorial main menu.

Every arena contains environmental interactions that can be used against your opponent. Use the trash can environment intraction (RB, or X+Y) Use the wall run environmental interaction (same command as previous) Use wall run into the dive kick into environmental interaction (rb or x+y then press a immediately after wall run)

Connect with right+a whilst facing an arena transition corner to activate an arena transition Execute 2 arena transitions in Gotham City. Right+A Left+A Environmental Interactions training section complete. Proceed to combo training? A continue, B retry, Y tutorial main menu

Hit the right combination of buttons to unleash a combo attack Execute combo x x y x y a Y Y A Combo attack training complete A continue B retry

A juggle combo is when you knock your opponent into the air and hit them again before they land. Execute juggle combo Down+Y, delay Y Right A, delay A X Y A, delay A Juggle combo training complete A continue, B retry, Y tutorial menu

Some moves require precise timing. Lessons in this section may pause to point out specific mechanics. If you find your opponent playing defensively, execute a throw. Throws are unblockable and can be executed in 2 ways. Execute a back throw (LB) Execute a back throw using alternate throw input (X+A) Execute forward throw (right and LB) Execute forward with alternate throw input (Right X+A)

While throws cannot be blocked, there is a brief chance for a throw escape on contact. Escape 2 of superman's throws LB or X+a immediately on throw startup. Combo training section complete. Proceed to special move training? A continue, B retry, Y tutorial main menu.

Each character has a unique set of special moves which can be executed by performing specific combinations of direction inputs and button presses. Execute Batman's Straight Grapple (down, right X) Batarang (left right Y) Slide kick (Left right A)

Every character in Injustice 2 has a unique character power which adds new attacks, enhances existing moves or provides other unique bonuses. Batman's Wayne Tech character power provides up to 3 mechanical bats that can attack opponents while he performs other actions. Execute summon bats, then release bats (B, then B)

Bat swarm is another Wayne tech character power ability Execute summon bats then bat swarm (b, Down B)

Every hero and villain in Injustice 2 has a unique character power for you to explore.

Special move training complete. A continue, B retry, Y tutorial main menu.

Your super meter increases with each hit you land or receive along with any successful special moves. Execute Batman's Straight Grapple (Down Right X) Meter burn special moves are more power and provide added bonuses such as increased damage, additional hits, or combo opportunities. Execute Batman's straight grapple meter burned special move (Down Right X, RT) Execute Batman's Batarang special move (Left Right, Y, RT) Slide kick meter burned special move (Left right A, RT)

A fully charged super meter can unleash the most power and devestating attack, the super move. Execute Batman's super (LT+RT) Super meter training complete

Executing a special move as a normal attack connects will result in a special move cancel. Execute the Straight grapple special move combo attack (y, down right X) Slide kick special move combo attack (a, left right a) Sky grapple special move combo attack Y Y A, sky grapple (down left X) Batarang special move combo attack (X Y, batarang) Air scatter bomb special move combo attack (jump medium, down left y before landing)

During an attack or combo, perform a bounce cancel by spending 2 bars of your super meter Both bounce cancels allow you to follow up for big damage. Execute bounce cancel combo (X X Y, left left rt or down left rt) Execute bounce cancel combo (Y y, Right Right rt or down Right rt) Special move training section complete. Proceed to advanced training? A continue, B Retry, Y tutorial main menu.

Some moves require precise timing. Lessons in this section may pause to point out specific mechanics. A cross-up is a jump attack that hits opponents from behind and must be blocked by holding the opposite direction. Execute a cross-up attack (jumping medium whilst airborn). The cross-up attack must hit behind the victim.

Use a special move immediately after blocking for a reversal attack. Execute a slide kick reversal attack (left right A immediately after blocking) There is a brief window for a reversal attack after a block. Do this twice.

Rise from a knockdown with a special move with a wake up attack. Slide kick wake up attack (left right a while rising from a knockdown). There is a brief window for a wake up attack after a knockdown. Do this twice.

A role puts some distance between you and your opponent after a knockdown. Execute 3 roles (face buttons after a knockdown on impact). There is a brief window to execute a role after a knockdown.

A block escape lets you interupt a blocked combo at the cost of 1 bar on your super meter. Execute 2 block escapes (right+RT immediately while blocking an attack)

A role escape can get you out of dangerous situations. You will be briefly invincible at the cost of 1 bar on your super meter. Execute 3 role escapes (right right, RT immediately before dash completes)

An air escape lets you recover mid-air from juggle combos at the cost of 2 bars of your super meter. Warning: You are still vulnerable to attacks until you land. Execute 2 up air escapes Up+RT while popped up) Execute 2 away air escapes (away+RT while popped up)

After a knockdown, a delayed get-up lets you stay on the ground longer and throw off your opponent's timing. Execute 3 delayed get-ups (hold LT after being knocked down)

Advanced training section complete. Proceed to clash training? A continue B retry Y tutorial main menu.

The clash offers you a way to escape an attack or combo by drawing power from your super meter. The clash can be used once per match per character after the second health bar is revealed. Defenders can regain health, while attackers can inflict more damage.

Perform a clash (hold forward+RT while being hit by combo) During the clash you have a set time to wager an amount of your super meter against your opponent. Bet the maximum amount of super meter (B), or use X Y or A to bet 1 2 or 3 bars (in a real match).

If the defender wins the clash they gain health based on the difference of the super meter wagers. Perform a clash(forward+RT whilst being hit with a combo) Choose amount to wager.

If the defender loses the clash, they receive damage, based on the difference of the super meter wageres.

Clash training section complete. Source crystals (500 source crystals) A continue Congratulations you are ready for Injustice 2.

Other menu-specific notes/information

Single player multiplayer online click on the online option and wait for it to load 3 down is private match top item is vs. Click that and guide opens with prompt. Single player play story New game chapters continue New Game settings Story difficulty (default is medim medium (left is easy/very easy, right is hard/very hard) Subtitles (default is off, right to on) Continue Continuing is easy enough really - just click singleplayer, story then you end up on continue. Settings menu for audio Extras: go down twice for match replays, menu moves left/right, you land on your most recent replay. Options menu is first item in extras controller config gameplay settings video settings audio settings tournament settings online settings Audio All volumes default to 100 cinema music effects announcer ambience dialogue Audio experience Interaction sound cues Defaults When backing out, prompt appears to save changes. A is yes.