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God Of War Ragnarok Guide, For Gamers Without Sight!

Co-written By SLJ and SightlessKombat, with additional contributions by Mila Pavlin.


This guide is being updated as and when sections are felt to be ready for release. Should you have any questions, comments, feedback or suggestions, please feel free to use this contact form and let me know.



Welcome to God of war Ragnarok Without Sight, a guide written by Søren Jensen, also known as SLJ, co-written and proof-read by SightlessKombat, with additional contributions by Mila Pavlin.

This community-written guide will not enable you to complete everything the game has to offer, instead focusing primarily on the main story.

Terminology note: If we say blind, in the context of the guide, we are referring to gamers who have no sight whatsoever. Terminology may be interchangeable and gamer without sight means exactly the same (i.e. having no vision at all.

If you have no sight, God of war Ragnarok is, unfortunately, not completely accessible. Many of the puzzles can be difficult to solve, some menus don't work with the game's built-in UI Narration and the game's navigational assist isn't 100% consistent.

The aforementioned puzzles are the main reason this guide was started in the first place, as so many people were blocked from progressing early on, being barred from experiencing Sony Santa Monica's latest award-winning narrative journey.

After much work and testing, we hope to have brought you a way to get through the main story without the need for any sighted assistance. Granted the build you use will not be as powerful as either we would like or sighted players can attain, but it should at least allow you a taste of this fantastic world that has been crafted.

Now, let's go through some options to get the game set up for a consistent accessibility experience.


The First-Time Setup Process

When starting the game for the first time, you'll be prompted to enable the game's menu/UI narration, hereafter referred to as the screen reader, by pressing square on your controller. Moving left and right on this screen then gives you the option of Quick start (screen calibration only) or Guided set up (common settings, screen calibration, audio calibration and accessibility presets).

Picking the latter of these two options, you are presented with a vertical menu of settings, including things ranging from text and speech languages to settings for repeated button presses, lock-on camera and traversal assists. Though you can adjust these now to your liking and the options will stay as you've set them, we cover more specific suggestions below as well.

Scroll down to the Next Step (accessibility presets) setting, then select Vision accessibility.

Hitting this option, select full and should you wish, listen to the list of features that are enabled (some of which we'll change shortly).

After the Preset applied pop-up appears, hit confirm to dismiss it, the move up or down the vertical menu to Next step (Image calibration. As a gamer without sight (having no sight whatsoever), I chose to leave these at their defaults and move to the Next Step (Audio calibration) setting.

Turning the audio balance setting to quiet might help you hear more subtle sound by levelling out louder sounds, though adjusting this during your playthrough to suit your tastes is always an option too.

After hitting Finish setup, the Sony Studios logo plays and you are presented with:

The main menu:

The main menu's options are as follows:

Recommended Accessibility Settings.

Here are a few recommendations for accessibility settings, though of course feel free to adjust them to your preference as you play. Some of these are taken directly from our own settings, though we've had far more time with the game than most, including sighted assistance in places.

Accessibility Preset

As a starting point, in the main menu, you'll find an option called accessibility presets. In this submenu, you can enable the vision accessibility preset option. This will turn on all the recommended settings for blind and visually impaired people, which are loosely described in the narrated tooltip for said option.

Please note That doing this will also enable high contrast UI and text elements, which might be confusing if you are streaming the game, or if sighted people watch you play, as it changes colours of elements significantly to make them stand out if you have usable and residual vision, as well as enlarging text.

Note that the below settings may already be set to the mentioned values, but I thought that referencing some of these settings could be useful anyway.


Graphics and camera:

Audio and subtitles:


Default Controls

You can refer to this list later during actual gameplay, though these inputs are also listed here for convenience.


When starting a new game, the following difficulty options are presented, with the accompanying text:

For your first playthrough, I'd recommend either starting with Give Me story or Give Me Grace, the latter if you want a slightly tougher challenge.

Other Menus

Unfortunately, as of the time of writing the screen reader doesn't cover everything outside of the main menu. This includes the shop, skill trees and map, to name a few. Therefore, I have written a menu guide for these where possible, explaining how they work so you can do the most important things in the game without sighted help. You can find fuyrther information in the below sections.

Quests And Side Quests

In God Of War Ragnarok, (just Ragnarok hereafter), there are two types of quests: The Path which is the main story and various side quests (favours, listed under the second item in the goals tab as it's termed by the screen reader). These are completed through interacting with NPCs via conversation prompts, picking up items in the world or completing various tasks.

Note: Side quests are not to be confused with labours, various tasks throughout the game that can be completed to gain additional benefits, anything from armour as part of a quest to additional experience points (XP) that you can use to purchase skills and other upgrades when using certain attacks. You can find more information on labours at this God Of War wiki (external link).

How to read the current quest.

Though you don't get narrated quest updates, you can, however, read the current quest information and start side quests directly from the activities area on the ps5. You can do this one of two ways:

  1. 1. Press the PS button, use the left and right arrows to select either game help or view your objectives. That text changes for some reason. When you open that, you can both read your current quest and objectives, and you can also read the available side quests.
  2. 2. Alternatively, you can hold down the PS button to go to the PlayStation 5's home screen. Then, when focusing on the game, press Down on the DPad, and you can find the same information under the option labelled activities.

It seems that the first way of retrieving this information is the most consistent, though you may find your own preference.

Unfortunately, if you're playing on a PS4, you cannot read this information because of the lack of activities area. You can still track side quests if you wish via an in-game method, by pressing the up arrow on the DPad when a specific sound cue plays; this is also possible on the PS5 build of the game as well.

Sadly, not all of God Of War Ragnarok's side quests are able to be completed without sighted assistance. If you decide to experiment, then do yourself a favour and use the Manual save feature before doing so. There have been instances of an odd bug in the game where the navigation assist would get stuck if you are tracking a side quest, when playing a character that cannot undertake said quest. If that happens and you don't have a manual save before the side quest began tracking, you may either need sighted help or in some circumstances, may be forced to start from scratch.

To cancel a side quest, you can open the map with the touchpad and press L3 to centre the cursor where you are currently located, then press Triangle to track from your current position, thereby removing the side quest as your current objective and resetting it back to The Path. However, that does not work all the time and you may have to use the favours menu (down once and right once form the top of the Goals menu) to cancel any active side quests.

The skill tree:

Skills can be a crucial part of your gameplay in Ragnarok. As you journey onward, you'll earn XP for both yourself and your companion which you can use to purchase anything from the ability to use weapon-specific combos, to attacks whilst evading, to ones that inflict specific status effects, to name just a few.

The skills tab, accessed by pressing r2 or L2 (depending on which way you prefer to go) presents you with a vertical menu, with three categories:

Keep in mind that Later on in the game, one more weapon will be unlocked. When that happens, it will be added to the categories, above your companion's skill tree.

Pressing the right arrow on one of the categories opens the skill tree itself, a grid (thankfully navigable via the DPad rather than a cursor) with all the available skills listed, with the navigation mode selectable in the accessibility menu.

Given it currently doesn't narrate via the game's screen reader functionality, this screen might seem confusing, especially given the skills all start out as locked. As a blind gamer or gamer without sight, without Optical Character Recognition (OCR), you don't know what skills you're actually unlocking.

If you're playing on lower difficulties it may not matter as much, but if you want to customise things to your liking as you play and given you won't be doing as many side quests (resulting in less gear options being available to you), having a way to reliably choose your skills can be very helpful, as they allow you to utilise a greater range of options in combat.

The way to deal with this screen is to arrow around while pressing square. When a press of your square button plays a sound, that means that skill is available, and you can hold down square to purchase the chosen skill using your XP.

There are skills that utilise existing attacks and upgrade them, but there are also ones that directly contribute to how buttons act during your time with the game.

To keep all the menu-related elements in 1 place, let's take note of some other aspects of the game that won't become relevant until later:

Shops And Customisation

As previously stated, as much as God Of War Ragnarok does come with menu narration, unfortunately it does not cover anywhere near enough to make the game fully accessible in terms of things like upgrades, shops etc.

However, here, SLJ and I attempt to take you through a couple of areas of importance in the game's interface.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

By way of a quick, if somewhat obvious note, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which attempts to extrapolate text from an image (including if there's none present) is the best solution for working with non-narrated parts of the game, as well as of course having sighted assistance if you feel you need or want it. If there is enough interested or requests for more information how I use OCR with this and other titles, it could be added in as an additional section here.

Using OCR, once you're familiar with the screens we cover here, you can probably get the information you want like what item you're on, but keep in mind it can take you a lot of patience to move, then read what item you're on, just as an example.


The shop menu is split into different tabs. Press L2 for previous tab and R2 for next tab.

When opening a shop, you always start on the first tab which is your Weapons tab.

In the shop, you can purchase upgrades for your weapons and shields, as well as purchase armour and accessories, all based around resources that you either find in the world or, sometimes, loot from bosses.

When choosing a tab, you'll be on a list of categories, which are listed as a vertical menu. When you have selected a category, press the right arrow to enter its submenu. These submenus are also vertical. This menu lists all the available items in the chosen category.

All the menus in a shop wrap (i.e. scroll from top to bottom if you continuously press the down arrow on the Dpad), but if you hold it instead, the cursor will stop moving when it gets to the very bottom of the menu.

The same is true for moving upwards in a vertical menu such as this one.

The following is a list of all tabs and categories:

Weapons Tab

Weapons tab: (Only used to upgrade your weapons and shields.) Use Square to upgrade. Axe blades shield Please note: When you unlock an additional weapon later in the game, that weapon will appear above the shield. The menu items play the sound of the selected item when arrowing through them. For example, if you move from the axe to the blades item, you'll hear Kratos sheathe the axe and draw the iconic chain blades.

Armour Tab

Armour tab: Used to upgrade and purchase new armour. Chest Arms Wrist Amulet

Special Items Tab

Special items tab: Used to buy special items. I will recommend using OCR for this tab. the game can be played perfectly without buying anything from this tab, but feel free to experiment with this if you want to. ENCHANTMENTS Runic Accessory Resources

Sell tab.

Artefacts. Hold Triangle to sell all your artefacts. If you have no artefacts, nothing happens when pressing Triangle. If you press the Right Arrow, the controller will give a longer vibration. Gear Resources

Character Screens

These screens are invoked by pressing the touch pad on your controller during gameplay and navigated between once again with R2 and L2. They are similar to the shop equivalents.

The next menu item on the Armour tab is like the Weapons tab, where you can equip gear to your armour, in this case, amulet enchantments (which unlock later.


If you're someone who doesn't have access to OCR or just wants to equip the best gear, you can press L3 whilst in the weapons or armour screens, select a stat to base your gear on (such as strength or vitality) with left or right on the DPad, and then press X to confirm.

Note that this may not work when playing as characters other than Kratos.

Weapons menu.
Similar to the shop version, the items here are listed as follows:


These last two items won't become relevant until later in the game and, as before, there will be a third weapon added in above the shield once you've unlocked it as well.

Pressing the Right arrow on one of these main items opens up a sub menu. In these, you can select to view and equip a weapon-specific handle/grip (which can change its stats) or change the runic attacks available to you when using that specific weapon as well.

For the record, the first item in these sub menus is attachment/handle/grip, the second is light runic and the third is heavy runic.

If you have a companion in battle and wish to change their fighting implements (as some have differing stats), you can do so by pressing R1 and entering their individual sub menus to adjust these.

Note that these are not currently covered, but could be documented in a future revision of the guide.

Armour Tab
On this screen you can change the armour you're currently wearing, some of which impacts your stats or has certain properties depending on the armour set. If you equip all of a set of armour (i.e. chest, waist and wrists) you'll sometimes get additional bonuses too.

Go into one of the following sub menus, choose an armour piece and press X to equip it. Please note: You should automatically have the currently equipped armour piece highlighted when entering the submenu, though again we'd recommend OCR to make sure you're selecting the desired piece.

The main items here are as follows: Chest Wrist Waist Amulet

If you wish to change your companion's armour and accessories, press R1 whilst on this main screen, much like you would with the weapons screen above.

Also worthy of note, if you use OCR and you want to double check what armour you've chosen, you can press Triangle to show the stats. Press Triangle to hide the stats again.

Companion Accessories
Throughout the course of your journey, you will someitmes have companions who can have accessories enhance their abilities. Equipping these is achieved through the armour menu, after switching to your companion with R1.

Then press down once to get accessories. Look through the list, choose the one you want then the slot you want it to go in, though as you might expect you'll need OCR for this. It can be a little convoluted to figure out but I managed to get all 3 slots filled with a little patience and OCR effort.

With all that preamble out of the way, grab your axe, sharpen those blades and ready your shield as we journey back into Norse mythology as Kratos!

Chapter 1: Surviving Fimbulwinter

In this chapter, you play as Kratos, accompanied by your son Atreus and later Mimir, a talking head hanging from Kratos belt.

Once you hit start game, you'll be in your first cutscene. However, there is no audio description for any cutscene in this title, unfortunately.

If you've followed or even played God of War 2018, then you might have a better understanding of what's going on, though that's not always guaranteed. You can also find the key story beats of God of War 2018 with audio description thanks to the #TranscribingGames project, playlist linked here should you wish to get a better grasp on the story so far.

Cutscene over, you'll be riding a sled and, after a little while, you'll have to deal with your first quick time events (QTE's). There are audio cues for these as shown in the game's audio glossary, but if you haven't looked at that in advance, you might be surprised. Thankfully, below are the inputs you'd need to succeed at these and even if you die in the attempt, you'll just have to press confirm/X/Cross to get back into the action.

Here are the QTE inputs for the opening sequence:

After the QTE completes, you'll be presented with more sledding and, following a cutscene at the end of your ride, you will see some tutorial prompts explaining how the navigation assist works. You are told to press R3 to get pointed in the right direction, while using the left stick to move. So, it's time to move forward, while using the navigation assist, or nav assist/nav assisting as it'll be called for the rest of this guide.

After navigating into another lengthier cutscene, we leave Atreus and lay down to sleep. When we regain control, once again move forward and use your navigational assist. As much as you might be inclined to sprint past, I'd recommend walking this section, partly for cinematic effect and partly so you don't miss any interactable prompts.

After a little nav assisting and conversation, you'll have control taken away for a cutscene, though the usual sounds for losing and gaining control aren't present.

After the cutscene dialogue finishes, nav assisting forward, you should hear an interaction prompt, which is what you want to hit to continue. Note that you might have to move towards it a little to get the full interaction cue you're accustomed to.

After the prompt sequence finishes, a tutorial pops up about climbing. You just have to use the navigation assist and walk forward to automatically climb with auto-traversal enabled at least, unless otherwise noted.

After walking into another cutscene, it's time to go hunting, to a fashion. We are told about viewing objectives and resources as well, though this isn't mandatory.

As previously mentioned, the map is not accessible without sighted assistance, though you can find information via other methods, at least on PS5.

Use the navigation assist to follow the path to the next interactable (when Kratos says "he crawled through here", which will take you through a couple of dialogue triggers as well as you move.

Now locked in place, a tutorial appears showing how to attack, though this is not a true combat tutorial.

When you have smashed what blocked your way with a few heavy attacks (though the light attack cue plays for some strange reason), use the navigation assist to crawl through and continue, after which you see a sprinting tutorial which you can follow for the most part from now on unless otherwise stated. Nav assisting your way along traverses you up a ledge and near to some raiders.

Now, we arrive at our first example of actual, player-controlled combat. Here's a few combat tips as well to get you started.

Combat Tips:

Locking on in God Of War Ragnarok is one of the best ways to guarantee you'll hit your target. However, just because you're locked on, achieved by pressing R3 (by default), doesn't mean you need to rush in headlong and swing wildly. Instead, though the game teaches you about this shortly after you start fighting, hold up your shield by pressing and holding L1. You can still move behind your shield albeit very slowly, but it gives you the ability to block and attack or to then retaliate when your foes come at you. That all assumes that you're facing the correct direction in the first place, something you'll master as time goes on.

Visualising the shield:

Your shield will not automatically block all incoming damage from all sides. It covers the direction you're facing, as well as your sides to an extent as well, to probably just under a 90-degree angle to your left and right. That just under part is important, as if an enemy comes at you from slightly too far back and attacks, you might think you're safe but will still take the hit.

Try and position yourself as best you can, though given this is the first encounter and you're likely playing on a low difficulty, you'll have time to adjust and learn. Remember that if you die, there is no penalty other than starting back at the beginning of the encounter, maybe with a little traversal required to initiate it.


This will become more important later, but evading/dodging/rolling are crucial skills to learn in Ragnarok and can literally save your virtual life. Though these first enemies don't have audio telegraphing for some of their attacks, when they have a long wind-up, you can dodge out of the way by holding a direction on your analogue stick and double tapping X/Cross to roll or if you know you won't get hit via practice you can sidestep the attack with a single tap of the X/Cross button. If you fancy practicing this now even against these regular attacking enemies, it might be a good idea. Or you could of course just lock on with R3 and beat your enemies into submission with aggressive swinging of your axe, no blocking or evading needed, depending on your playstyle. You can even get stun kills this early on by sheathing your axe with right on the DPad and punching your foes with the same light and heavy attacks, then holding circle by default when the prompt appears. The game will even give you the opportunity to parry. If you get an attack with a long enough audio cue, you can time your press of L1 so that you parry the attack (you'll hear a resounding metallic clang if you've done it successfully).

The Story Continues

After successfully winning your first battle, use navigation assist and walk forward to the next interactable.

A tutorial pops up telling you about health stones. This is a good time to mention that unfortunately, nav assist does not allow you to discover all the items around you. Sometimes you'll hear items or interaction prompts off the beaten path which, most of the time, you'd be free to grab as they would be resource chests or, in this case, health and rage stones. These latter items (Rage stones not being introduced yet) have a small sound cue attached to them, though it's hard to hear in the heat of battle for instance.

As a result, your best bet is to listen out for interaction prompts as you fight and if you need health or rage and can hear said cues, try and go towards them. With auto pick up on, you'll grab them without needing to worry about pressing circle/interact.

Just continue to the next interactable for now via nav assist.

continue forward a little after Kratos says "We need to find Atreus," and here we have our first, in this case easy, puzzle.


End Of Puzzle

Walk until you come to an interactable, where you may get a small tutorial telling you that you have to press interact to crawl into the opening. Continue traversing onwards.

Mimir and Kratos discuss things that defy explanation as you crawl through, you'll hear voices that signify further raiders as well.

Once you reach the exit of the area you're currently traversing and just before the next battle, a tutorial appears that you can dismiss with X/Cross, letting you know about Frost Awaken (your axe's signature ability). You can hold triangle to activate this and do extra damage on your next attack, changing its properties, though you can't do multiple back-to-back attacks in this style; you must charge the ability every time between attacks.

Whether you take the tutorial's suggestion to heart or not, it's time to get busy fighting again.

After the battle is over, walk via nav assist and you'll run into some more enemies. Continue this process, fighting a second set a little further on. You should get first a tutorial about parrying (during that second battle) and then one about climbing, which is how to proceed to progress.

When you enter the next area, a cave, you will see a perfect example of the navigation assist not always guiding you to pick up the items lying around. If you are patient, you may find an interact cue just to your right (i.e. technically off the beaten path). Interact with this prompt and you'll open a small chest. If you can't find the prompt, then don't worry. Just continue by using nav assist as usual.

Continue onward, drop down and throw your axe at a distant prompt. Keep going and you may find health other prompts as well. Continue onwards to another interact, with more climbing and conversation.

When you climb through, there are more enemies. Right before the battle, there is a short tutorial explaining you can press Light attack while in the air to do a death from above attack (press X to confirm and close the tutorial).

If you feel a haptic as you're running forward, you can hit light or heavy attack and if you're lucky you'll land the Death From Above as specified in the tutorial. If you don't, not a problem, but it's good to keep in mind for fights that involve traversal.

There'll be some more encounters after this one, just keep navigating forwards and blocking, evading and attacking until everything in front of you is no longer an obstacle.

If you can't hit your enemies, then hold down the aim button and throw the axe. Don't forget to recall it by pressing Triangle, at which point you can rinse and repeat.

You'll run into a fight where Mimir points out that someone got in the bear's way and this is your first encounter with projectile-based enemies. With these sling-wielding raiders, you'll hear a call then a whip-like noise, with the projectile flying through the air. Keep your shield up and block or dodge to avoid these, though remember them as you might have a chance to exact some reflective revenge later. Enemies defeated with the tips learnt so far, continue onwards. Note that you might need to role left to smash some geometry in your way.

After discussions of a bear's impressive rampage when you hit an interact prompt, navigate forward and climb to the next cutscene.

Boss Fight: Bjorn

The first boss fight is against Bjorn, the aforementioned bear. I'd advise you block until you understand his attack patterns, what a block break looks like and how an unblockable attack works in terms of dodging, as well as of course fighting him. Eventually, you'll hopefully have done enough damage to stun him, with a hold audio cue playing when you're close enough. Holding circle will trigger a small sequence where, afterwards, it might be unclear what to do to proceed.

pressing L3 and R3 together will activate Spartan Rage for the first time and then allow you to punch Bjorn squarely in the face multiple times for a little while. Once rage subsides, you can continue the fight as before, though Bjorn now has a new attack or two to avoid as well.

As a fun aside, you can, in fact, beat the bear, bare-handed (i.e. just using your firsts).

After a while of your relentless onslaught, you'll get Bjorn into another stun state, indicated by the hold circle prompt and a quick booming sound as well. It's useful to be aware of both of these elements, as sometimes in fights you won't be close enough to get the interact/hold half of this set of cues.

Stun grabbing Bjorn will trigger the game's next cutscene.

When the cutscene is over, you'll hear a sound indicating quest progression. Similar sounds accompany the start of a quest. Remember these and as previously stated, press the up arrow on the DPad to attempt to track a quest if you wish, though do note that not all quests are trackable.

Now all the dialogue's done with, continue walking and find the next interactable with the help of nav assist. Heavy attack as instructed and you can progress onward.

Right before the next fight, a tutorial about companion arrows appears. The sound cue that plays in this sequence indicates that you need to press square to have a companion perform an action, in this case, shooting arrows at enemies, which recharge over time. You have infinite arrows, but the recharge can make it feel like you're running low. On lower difficulties at this stage, a few arrows will be enough to stun an enemy to allow you to go in for the stun finisher as you did with Bjorn or even the earlier raiders.

After defeating these foes, continue forward and interact to get your first chain climbing prompt. It's unclear which way it wants you to go, but this is why we set climbing to follow the camera. If you're lucky, hitting nav assist and then pushing forward a little while after should send you in the correct direction, namely downwards. You might also be able to grab the chest on the right of you as well, found a little while after you leave the chain behind and start nav assisting forward.

As you continue moving, conversations will start. You don't have to stand still to listen to them though, you can continue moving as well, including using nav assist.

Navigating forward gives you another cutscene, after which a storm is mentioned. Wonder if that'll be of any relevance soon.

Another interactable and some enemies await you, including some with projectiles. If you feel curious, try and see if you can first block a projectile so you know the rough timing on when to parry, then see if you can return the throwable to its sender for massive damage.

Of course, Atreus then has to go and ask the question how could things be any worse than here, after which we climb to join two genuinely friendly wolves that Atreus decides to pet. We don't have to watch though, you can just continue should you wish.

Nav assist over to your next interaction point, opening the door to Kratos and Atreus house. This gives you a second interact to sleep and trigger a resultant lengthy cutscene, introducing someone you would've expected to see given the trailers for this game.

Boss Fight: Thor

This battle has several phases and each is different, starting with you in your unarmed stance. Keep your shield up, dodge when required and keep an eye out for QTE elements within these fights as well, remember the cues you've learnt so far and using rage can help as well.

On lower difficulties, Thor isn't too tough to deal with, but keep in mind some attacks will send you flying backwards, at which point you'll have to run in again to deliver up close attacks.

When the fight is over, your quest progress will update, hence the sound cue.

Keep using nav assist to run forward and around the area to find the next interactable object.

Once you've hit it, nav assist a little more and we'll see our first mystic gateway. Nav assist to this second interactable to enter the gateway itself.

Wait whilst the dialogue happens and the exit portal of the gateway will load immediately in front of you. Just walk forward and interact to emerge on the other side. This will be a standard strategy going forward unless otherwise noted.

From here, just round the corner via nav assist is Kratos' house, which then triggers another cutscene.

After the cutscene, an armour and weapons tutorial will appear. The actual screens involved are not read by the TTS, so let's go through how they work. The TTS will partially walk you through the instructions, but here is what to do if you get stuck:

You've hopefully got used to the axe by now, but now it's time to use Kratos' other iconic weapon, the Blades of Chaos. As the tutorial instructs, equip them by pressing left on the DPad.

Armed with your new chain blades, you can nav assist onward to see how they work.

Usually, you can keep pinging nav assist periodically to keep moving in the correct direction. Sometimes, you'll also hear a soft but reverberant sound, indicating you're entering a different area. This later cue can be useful sometimes when retreading harder encounters, especially if they happen after entering a ne area, though the area names themselves are not narrated.

When you find your next interactable, utilising it will swing Kratos over to the other side of a gap using the blades. These are relatively commonplace and might be called traversal points, or just blade or grapple points for short throughout the rest of this guide.

Continue nav assisting until a tutorial about aiming to ignite brambles appears. As instructed, hold L2 and, whilst holding aim and hearing a heavy attack cue, press heavy attack (R2 by default) to ignite said obstruction.

Navigate forward as usual and, dropping down and moving further, interact to use the blades not to traverse in this case, but to pull, no stick movement required here though.

Continuing to navigate forward, past an enemy on your right that you can't attack, gives you the first glimpse of something, though at this point nobody in-game is sure what it is.

Progressing further, you'll encounter enemies that the game advises you (through audio cues) to use the blades on. You can kill them with bare-handed attacks, but the blades should dispose of them more quickly.

Moving on and interacting to climb, you'll get into a conversation, again though you can continue moving while this occurs.

Now we get a tutorial on how to drop down from a high ledge, though with auto traversal this might be partially nullified. Having this setting on makes it much less frustrating to move around, as you don't have to constantly listen out for as many interaction prompts.

Keep moving forward and interacting where needed until you hear enemies, thus signalling combat after you exit a squeeze through.

This battle over, you'll then be introduced to more screens that don't read but are workable with OCR, in this case, the skill tree.

Use the touchpad to go to the skill tree, though you don't have to equip any skills now if you don't want to. Should you not wish to, just press confirm to dismiss the information prompt, then circle a few times to back out of the menus altogether. If you want to go ahead and purchase any skills, see the section in the intro for how best to achieve that. I personally bought the forward and backward evade-based skills as they can be useful when rolling in battle to do some extra damage.

Nav assist forward and interact to climb, then once you've finished climbing, you'll get a prompt to blade latch, starting a puzzle.


Pull the stick left to move the pillar. Then nav assist forward until you jump a gap, at which point the conversation continues.

Swing over via an interactable prompt. Nav assist until your footsteps stop. At this point you have to use your right stick (I.e. your camera) to look down and slightly to the right and if done correctly you'll hear an interaction prompt; it can be a little tricky to find.

Activating this will allow you to pull the pillar to the left again and jump back.

Interaction with the next prompt and pulling back on the left stick should give you a tutorial prompt to aim. Aim and throw the axe to hit the rope, then pull back with the left stick to tighten the slack, as instructed by the TTS.

Once done, you can nav assist and press circle and use your first of sadly only a few ziplines. You've completed the puzzle.

End Of Puzzle

Puzzle sorted, after moving forward and some traversal, you learn about the blades' signature ability, Flame Whiplash. Similar to the axe you have to hold triangle (or in the case of this ability, continually press if you don't have the hold setting turned on). Once charged, you can use light or heavy attack when this ability is active for slightly different results, though you will have to then recharge your blades with the ability again to repeat the process.

There are quite a lot of enemies in this next sequence relatively speaking, but they don't require the blades to defeat them. There are usually some projectile enemies present as well, so keep an ear out for Atreus or Mimir's callouts. There is also an interactable prompt in the middle of this arena, what I've sometimes jokingly called a combat tree.

When interacted with, these are thrown at enemies for large amounts of damage, though they're not present in every environment and of course, harder to find without practice or prior awareness that they're even there in the first place.

Battle over, burn through the brambles you find after nav assisting forward (you may get a navigation error cue at which point you can draw your blades and aim to hopefully get the attack cue), then continue your journey as usual via an interact prompt.

Once you get to the end of that traversal segment however, there are some stronger enemies waiting for you that can break your guard and leave you vulnerable to follow-up attacks if you're unlucky. Just keep dodging and attacking as usual and you should be fine. Also be aware that you can aim and throw the blades at enemies from a short range for a grab attack. This strategy, which I've termed as fishing will come in handy later in the game.

Nav assist to an interactable to start more traversal. A little while of climbing later, you'll meet a couple more enemies who don't immediately attack you. Doesn't mean they're any less dangerous though and, to compound things further, these ones are resistant to the axe.

Post-combat, another climb, with Mimir talking about the kind of morning it's been, leads us directly into another boss fight via a QTE.

Boss Fight: The Huntress/Stalker

This is your first run-in with a stalker, a fierce centaur-like enemy with a nasty tendency to fill the area with harmful projectiles.

The strategy for this boss revolves, visually, around hitting the enemy when its horns are glowing. However, given there's no deliberate accessibility cue for this, you'd think there's no way round this fight without assistance.

This is, in fact, incorrect, as not only can you just continue to throw your axe at the huntress and await the loud, enemy specific clang that accompanies her entering her stunned state, but you can also listen for her loud, obvious breathing between attack combinations and hit her then as well for guaranteed damage and opportunities. Keep hitting her until she's stunned with a hold circle prompt, executing it to finish the fight permanently.

Collect all the interactables here (as these are boss loot) and it's here we learn about runic attacks. See in the intro for how to equip them when outside of this tutorial.

The entire tutorial, other than the runic that you've equipped, is spoken, so just follow the instructions, pressing confirm when none are directly given. Press circle a few times to back out, at which point you must utilise a runic attack to progress.

Press block+light attack to perform the runic attack, then wait for it to recharge as it's always good to have these fully stocked before going into larger encounters. You'll also get to hear the audio cue for when the light runic, in this case Winter's Bite, is fully charged.

With the Huntress defeated, climb again to continue, and Atreus asks about Kratos shield. Running and nav assisting for a while will get you to an area where Atreus mentions a collapsed pillar.


End Of Puzzle

Nav assist forward as standard to trigger two cutscenes back-to-back. When you regain control after more dialogue, walk forward and interact to trigger a third cutscene. The end of this cutscene marks another progression point in your quest.

After some traversal, grabbing a chain and climbing down it, we get into another fight. Given the in-game change of circumstances, you'll have to fight a little differently here. The final enemy you come across, a heavy has unblockable attacks, so remember to dodge out of the way and learn the timings as you fight.

Battle completed, nav assist and move forward until you get an interact prompt, at which point you need to wait while a conversation occurs.

Conversation done with, keep traversing until we are fully introduced to Sindri, one of the dwarves. Move towards what initially sounds like a locked chest, but is actually a mystic gateway, which Sindri activates on our approach.

Head through the gateway as you did before and exit to Sindri's house in the realm between realms.

Doing this triggers a cutscene, at which point you'll have to nav assist to get to another one. You may have noticed a new sound previously indicating that the quest has been completed as well. During this latter sequence you'll also be reintroduced to Brok, Sindri's brother.

Once this cutscene completes, you'll see your first shop as part of a tutorial which is mostly spoken and allows you to procure a new shield.

New Shield Tutorial

End Of Tutorial

At this point, you'll also be taught about the item chest, which we'll also call the war chest throughout this guide.

First, press triangle (you'll hear a whooshing noise to indicate an optional conversation is available), then turn to your right towards an interactable cue. This is the war chest, for lack of a better term and gives you loot from any encounters that you might've missed as well as other resources that you might've left behind. Always make sure you grab the items in here before starting any upgrades.

If you don't move, you will stand right next to the shop which you can open again by pressing the interact button. Look at the menus section to figure out how the shop works if you have OCR.

When you're done with the shop and any optional elements, you can nav assist your way to the next area and follow the dwarves during a conversation. You'll also hear a sound that indicates some more objective progression, though usually on a smaller scale.

Before making your way to the gate, be sure to talk to Brok. I would advise if you get the chance and are able to find the prompts for optional conversations, take them, as they can lead to some funny and insightful dialogue.

Nav assist again and go through the door, then repeat to find your way to and activate the gate. After a rather unusual exchange and a further interact prompt, you'll be introduced fully to realm travel. You'll see the realm travel view, accompanied by a tutorial of sorts.

Though you can navigate this with the DPad to an extent, move your left stick to the right once and Svartalfheim should be spoken, at which point you press confirm, then press and hold confirm to both dismiss a tutorial and initiate travel itself.

This final press of confirm initiates travel and, once you exit the gateway, entering Svartalfheim brings an end to chapter 1 and begins Chapter 2... The Quest For Tyr.

Chapter 2: The Quest for Tyr

In this chapter, you play as Kratos, followed by your companion Atreus and Mimir.

Your first thing to notice is the strange crowing noise. That's a raven. You won't be able to easily hit them all, but hitting the ones along the way that you happen to find might allow you to claim some useful latter game items if you can eliminate enough, though it's not mandatory.

This raven should be on your left and slightly upwards of centre. Once you're in roughly the right spot (I.e. it's in the centre of your speakers), aim the axe and see if you get a throw cue.

Once you do and you throw the axe, if it connects you'll hear a sound indicating one less raven to find later.

Do note that not all ravens are stationary, nor can they all be removed as soon as they're spotted.

Now you can progress, though you may have already entered the starting area for the first fight of the chapter whilst trying to hit the raven.

In short, Atreus has just unearthed a new enemy, wretches. These small pesky individuals are very easily taken care of with a straightforward trick, simply by fishing for them with the blades. With auto lock-on and a little skill in realising when one might attack you or is close, aim and throw the blades with a light attack and, if successful, you'll see an animation that ends in a kill. There are usually quite a few of them, so be prepared to sometimes feel a little overwhelmed, especially on higher difficulties.

New enemies dealt with, navigate forward and interact to start off on your first rowing adventure, once you enter the water.

Boat notes:

Whilst rowing, you need to remember that nav assist turns quicker than the boat does. The best way to work with this is to stop moving forward, then press nav assist, wait for the oars to stop splashing and then move forward again, rinsing and repeating as necessary.

Also of note is that you'll occasionally bump into geometry. If you can't progress (the boat will not stop moving but keep hitting things), you can pull both sticks left or right for about a quarter or half a second, pull backwards on the left stick and then nav assist again to then hopefully move forward. This is the most frustrating part, but you will get used to it over time and this strategy is usually seldom needed.

Gently Down The River

Row until you get an interact prompt and get off the boat. If it's not the right dock, as happened to me when I played through to test the guide, you'll be turned around and put back into the water.

After rowing for a while, Kratos and Mimir will talk about a wheel to turn and you'll be given instructions to find a beach to dock at. Keep navigating and rowing and eventually, you'll find land.

Now, we come to the first puzzle of this chapter.


Unlocking the Nornir Chest

Nornir chests are puzzle boxes, for lack of a better phrase that, once opened, grant you boosts to either your maximum health or rage. These can definitely help you, especially in the latter game, but unfortunately are mostly off the critical path where nav assist won't allow you to go without assistance.

However, there are times where these chests are, with a little work from you, accessible and this first one is not too far from where nav assist would have you go anyway.

End of puzzle.

Whether you got the chest or not, navigate onwards and you'll come to some traversal. Keep in mind that this traversal will have a cue a little way along it to press circle to jump to a new point, hitting this will let you progress if it doesn't happen automatically.

That small navigation section finished, you'll find another interact prompt. This is another zipline that will play the sound cue for rage, as you're entering combat with some more new foes.

These melee enemies are frustrating to deal with in numbers, but are pretty easy to take down at this point in the game as long as you keep your shield up when they're attacking. Getting to a partial lull in the fight, you'll be prompted as to how to use the Stone Wall shield effectively via a spoken tutorial.

Battle over, continue to the next interactable which will be a chain and climb up it. Ground tremors and a conversation indicate the start of the next puzzle.


End of puzzle.

Now navigate back to the boat, though it may be on your left rather than right in front of you.

After a while of boat-based navigation, once Atreus says think we can fit under that bridge, you should see an interactable prompt. Hitting this triggers a small animation where you do just that. Continue on from here to your next dock.

Defeat the enemies (which shouldn't be any trouble at this point) and proceed via nav assist, interacting with the prompt when Atreus mentions about capping geysers.


More enemies await you and, once defeated, you'll encounter the rest of this puzzle, but first, strategies. There are two sets of instructions, one for each build as they seemed to be different through testing.

PS4 version:

PS5 version:

With this puzzle complete, you can now return to the boat.

End of puzzle.

Continue to row until you start hearing what might be described as the sound of a high-pitched Dog. These are Ormas, animals that you will have a hard time taking out (though they are not hostile anyway). This cue means you're at the right dock to proceed. When you are on solid ground, you've arrived in the area of a now infamous puzzle.

Before we get to said puzzle though, throw your axe at an object to knock it down (on the PS4 build I had to roll back and look up slightly to hit this which then allows you to progress).

Then continue forward until you get to an interactable. This is the start of the previously mentioned puzzle.

The Rope Puzzle

From the checkpoint:

The next step

Now we need to cut a rope that's attached to the block we just moved via the geyser. Before we go any further, there are two methods of doing this as follows:

Method 1: The 15-step routine:

Method 2: The Sight Calibration Method:

The easier part:

End Of Rope Puzzle

After returning to the boat via nav assist, continue rowing towards your destination. Continue to the city. You'll know when you're nearby when Kratos says Atreus, look ahead. A while more rowing will see you arriving in the vicinity of the city proper, discussing an alarm and eventually, after an interact prompt and some light traversal, meeting up with Sindri again. Before you talk directly to him though, there are both a pickup on your left and a raven that you can hit as it's stationary. Given Sindri is technically running a shop here, there's also the war chest here too which you should grab, it's to your right as you face Sindri.

After Sindri's cutscene, you'll have a small tutorial on your hands about sonic arrows which you actually get to take control of, after which you get to test them out on some enemies.

After the battle, you can always go to Sindri for any upgrades that you might need and if you do, you'll get a short tutorial on Resurrection stones. Press confirm on the tutorial screen and the stones section is automatically selected.

Press right on the DPad to open the category and hold Square to purchase your first resurrection (or Res stone.

This first one is free, but will only resurrect you with a small amount of health. Other later versions will allow you to resurrect with different levels of health or rage.

The Resurrection stone can be activated by pressing Square when you die and hear a prompt. This commands your companion to bring you back to life. You can only have one stone on you at a time and you need a companion to be able to resurrect.

Furthermore, if you use the stone in a fight and then die during that same encounter, your ability to use it will be restored on reloading the last checkpoint at no extra cost. If you complete an encounter after using a stone however, the stone is permanently gone until you purchase a new one at a shop.

Upgrade what you want and continue. Note that vendors will usually let you know if your axe, blades or other combat related elements can be upgraded, though I personally wouldn't rely on this.

Any shopping done, continue nav assisting forward until Atreus talks about the citizens hiding on this side as well, then aim. You may not hear a cue but if you shoot as instructed in the tutorial you should hear an object fall and be able to progress as normal.

Continue forward and use any interactable prompts you find until you hear a companion command prompt instead, when you're near an individual playing an instrument. This triggers a conversation where you'll meet Raeb, voiced and motion captured by Bear Mccreary, composer for the game and its 2018 prequel.

Once the main conversation's over, you can move towards him again to get an optional conversation that will allow you to obtain a trackable side quest, In Service of Asgard, though this isn't documented now it may be covered in a later revision.

When leaving the tavern via the interact prompt, Sindri gives Kratos a compass, which unlocks the map.

You'll get a short tutorial on said map which, after pressing confirm, automatically cycles through its various prompts until it asks you to first press L3, then down. Now you're able to back out with circle and continue.

Use nav assist to return to the boat. You'll hear a sort of metallic swoosh, much like when you've had tutorials appear previously. In this particular instance, you've discovered a mystic gateway, which will be just behind you to your left when you're at the boat's interaction prompt, should you wish to activate/hit it to replenish your health and rage.

Once onboard the boat, though it's a little tricky at first, you'll eventually be able to extricate yourself from the confines of the area you're rowing in, at which point Mimir and Atreus both suggest paths, one to the mining rigs covered in the side quest and the other to the main path. Though you could go and complete the side quest now, we'll be focusing on the main path here.

Row for a little then dock and Atreus will comment on the safety office, which is where you're headed.

Entering the office via an interact prompt triggers a fairly lengthy cutscene, with it finished, the quest progress sound plays again. You can stay for some funny dialogue and, if you feel like hearing some more, you can leave and re-enter the office as well via the interaction prompt up ahead, then turning round 180 degrees and hitting it again. Would highly recommend doing this, personally.

Once you've had enough, leave the office and battle the enemies outside. There are a lot of them, even on easier difficulties, including Grims that release poison that needs to be blocked or dodged. You'll get another quest update once the battle's done.

After the battle, as you nav assist, shoot any companion prompts you might come across whilst aiming, then find an interact prompt to progress, where a mine is referenced.

After hitting this, continue to navigate to another interact prompt where a train is mentioned.

Use the interact prompt to take the train up the mountain and listen to the conversation, which is not a cutscene even though you lose control. Once your train ride is over, you'll get a tutorial of sorts though it is not mandatory to do as it says, given it relates to the inaccessible compass.

Nav assist forward and you'll hear mention of a dead Dreki. Events then lead to...

Boss Fight: Dreki

This is a tough, but predictable battle. If you hit the Dreki and hear it react, raise your shield to block, then retaliate with attacks of your own. Don't be too impatient though, as sometimes you can only get one hit in in between the Dreki's swipes.

When its health gets low enough, it'll start throwing out an unblockable AOE that you'll have to roll backwards for. Throw your axe at it when at range and remember when you're close to keep your shield up in between hits. You'll learn the patterns soon enough and, though it's a tricky fight at first, it's a fun one, ending in a stun grab (hold circle) alongside a QTE where Atreus joins into help you defeat this larger foe.

After the fight is done, remember to wander around to find loot on the ground, usually very near to you when the combat encounter completes. If you miss it, don't worry, you'll pick it up at the war chest later on.

If you manage to pick up your loot though, you'll get a new runic, this time a light runic attack for the blades.

If you want to slot this in now, though it is not tutorialised:

Continue and do some climbing to progress. Some more traversal later, including using a blade point and you'll come to a small skirmish with some wretches and a nest that keeps them spawning in. The nest will act as a lock-on target and can even be punched, though if you're having trouble, throwing the axe from range works as well.

Nest removed, nav assist and interact to use a blade point and carry on nav assisting. Continuing onward, your quest will again update, this time with an objective to fix the broken train.

Use the interactable prompt, moving the right stick down as instructed to start the sequence. From here, follow the instructions with the left stick. Once done, Atreus will say round 2, at which point you can interact to continue, triggering a cutscene.

This sequence has a few QTE prompts for various types of attacks, companion actions and hold circle. Following these prompts leads us to a scenario that fans of the 2018 game will no doubt laugh at if you are aware of the significance, as I was when it happened, but again, follow the prompt to finish the sequence.

The battle's not quite over yet though, as you now have some more enemies to deal with in a more standard format.

Once disposed of, use navigation assist and traverse until you can aim and hear a companion prompt. Get Atreus to shoot this, spawning some enemies.

Dealing with these, nav assist again, throw your axe once you descend from a blade point and you'll run into some more enemies after hitting what turns out to be an exploding pot.

Once this final set is dealt with, you should be able to progress unimpeded to an interact prompt, after which Mimir has some choice words for Atreus.

During this dialogue, you need to continue traversing. However, for some reason, this section is a little broken in terms of nav assist, as it doesn't actually take you directly to where you want to be, irrespective of whether you're playing on PS4 or 5.

There aren't too many situations where this occurs in the game, but when they do, they can be frustrating. Just keep a cool head and try different routes with your left stick, keep nav assisting and (given it's a small area), you'll eventually make it out to the new area sound effect. In this case, combinations of moving forwards and to the right seemed to work for me and, after a while you should be able to nav assist and go straight forward again.

Nav assist and traverse your way along, until Atreus says we'll need to get past this cargo. In my test playthrough, I got a tutorial as to what to do to start what turns out to be another complicated puzzle, though thankfully no rope cutting this time. Additionally, there's also a Nornir chest here too, which will be covered in some instructions below.


Run forward to where the nav assist stops you from moving, then roll backwards once or twice then nav assist again. Aiming here should give you a throw cue to freeze the channel in front of you. Switch to your blades immediately after so as not to unfreeze the channel, then interact to grapple across and progress.

Nornir Chest

This chest allows you to increase your maximum rage via a Horn of Blood Mead.

Puzzle Continued

Now traverse your way through and interact where needed, until Atreus says, after an interact prompt, that he's going to take a better look and mentions a gate.

Nav assist forward slowly. You should start hearing a companion prompt. If you haven't already, you can recall the axe. Look around via aiming for an axe throw prompt.

During my tests, it seemed like facing the companion prompt (I.e. having it in the centre of your audio field of view) allowed me to have both the throw and companion cues available simultaneously, essential for progression here.

Without aiming, press square to have Atreus lower the gate. Atreus begins to make fun of you and, during this conversation you need to throw the axe to freeze the platform in place. With extended plus puzzle timing, wait for about half a second after Kratos says Atreus... and throw the axe.

If done correctly, Atreus will say I hope you can make that jump.

Leaving the axe in place, walk forward via nav assist. Switch to the blades if you want to feel comfortable about not accidentally recalling the axe.

The axe, in fact, will recall automatically, as you drop down a couple of times via auto-traversal and Atreus starts talking about a trough. Once the dialogue has finished, activate the interact here to start a platform moving so you can cross, which you can do via nav assist. Listen for when the various wheels and platforms have stopped moving and then move across. Make sure you drop down before continuing.

Nav assist until your feet stop moving, then roll backwards once. If successful, you should be able to aim and see a throw cue. Hitting this will cause a block that previously raised to lower again. Roll to the left a few times to line you up for the next part of the puzzle.

Turning to your left so the sound of water is directly to your right and slightly behind you, keep trying to move forward until you climb up via auto-traversal. Once you're up, nav assist and interact with a blade point in front of you to lift you onto a block, at which point you can recall the axe to get a little higher up whilst standing on it.

Nav assist forward until Kratos says you lift on your side. Wait for an interact prompt to appear and use it.

Nav assist forward after the gate is lifted to end the puzzle and continue. An interact prompt will have you reunite with Sindri, who provides you with a light source.

End Of Puzzle

Continue forward and you'll encounter some enemies. After some more post-combat traversal, Atreus remarks that this is the entrance to the mine, at which point you'll have another fight on your hands.

After this is done, nav assist some more and Atreus will say the official entrance is blocked.

If your nav assist struggles briefly here, use your time-honoured if in doubt, roll about strategy just to get you re-oriented and continue navigating until Kratos says this way.

Following this path (including auto-traversal) finds yet more enemies and, after they're defeated, navigate until you can aim to get a companion action prompt. Shoot the blockage to continue, interact with the traversal prompt and keep moving forward. Here we meet our first new enemy, the Bergsra, which is apparently spawning the wretches we've been fighting in this area. In my test playthrough for the guide, I had my first instance of a shield strike prompt to break an attack, which was not tutorialised. If you hear the sound cue for this (found in the glossary), double tap L1/block and if you're close enough, you'll hit the enemy out of the attack they're winding up for. Some attacks are quicker than others, so don't rely on the cue to time your break attempt. If you can't hit the Bergsra, throw your axe at wherever auto lock-on is pointing you, or even disengage and run forward and it should become aware of your presence.

Combat over, you can interact to get into a boat for a cutscene.

Once you arrive in a new location, Sindri has a shop, which you can locate via the metallic clanging of his tools. Purchase whatever you need, if anything, Sindri should say he can upgrade the blades here, then continue onward.

Navigate forward and you'll come to another puzzle.


Nav assist until your feet stop moving. Then aim and if you get a companion cue, get Atreus to shoot an arrow. In my playthrough, I just had to throw the axe from here and that progressed things with Atreus saying let's get to the door! Come on!

Find an interaction prompt, using it to blade swing over to the other side of a gap, then use the next interaction prompt to open the door.

End of puzzle.

With conversation ongoing, you can nav assist to and aim until you see a companion prompt. Shoot it to allow you to progress via nav assist.

Use the interaction prompt to continue, going through some more climbing until Atreus sees a new door, your next objective.

Traversing through will have you fight a few enemies, after which point your nav assist might get a little stuck.

If you have to manually wander the area to get it to reorient for a little while, do so. Though of course this is not ideal, it shouldn't take you long before Atreus says Did You see that over there?.

This line of dialogue seems to indicate that nav assist will then take you in the right direction, where Atreus acknowledges a broken door, indicating as the next puzzle starts here.

Broken door puzzle:

Use nav assist and then aim to find an axe cue. Hit this to hear dialogue about overflowing water powering a crane.

There are two interact prompts, one you can't get to at distance in front of you and the one you want to hit slightly to your right. This will allow you to swing over to the other side of a gap.

After crossing the gap, recall the axe, then nav assist and hit the next interaction prompt that will keep the water flowing over the sides.

Nav assist to yet another interact prompt, which will swing you back across, where, after a little traversal, Atreus will say about getting closer to the elevator wheel. Having dropped down via nav assist, if you haven't already, run over to a chain which you need to climb up.

auto-traversal forward via nav assist, interacting with the next available prompt which will cause Atreus to congratulate you and say that that interaction should keep the lift fully powered up and that we're almost there.

From here you should be able to aim and throw the axe to get things moving, with Atreus saying let's take that lift up if successful. The PS4 build required me to aim down a little to find this prompt, so you might have to be a little patient with it on that version of the game.

Switch to the blades and don't switch away from them until specified.

Nav assist and interact, climbing down the chain, navigating and swinging where needed until you find the next interaction prompt. You should hear a wooden grinding noise if you've hit the correct one. This means you've opened the door and entered the lift.

Now recall the axe to ascend and you've completed the puzzle. note the above instructions were able to be followed on both PS5 and PS4, though the aiming for PS4 seemed a little spotty particularly with the very first cue that starts the Broken Door puzzle above. Some patience and persistence may be required, but it's not too tricky and the puzzle is definitely doable without assistance (unlike the rope puzzle from earlier).

End of puzzle

Use the navigation assist to find the next interaction prompt then continue traversing, which will lead you into another combat encounter.

After the battle, nav assist should take you to near an interaction prompt. Trigger it to obtain your first relic, then get a related spoken tutorial to follow.

After going through the tutorial's instructions (until it tells you how to use the new ability you have equipped, at which point you can press circle a couple of times to leave the menu system), fight the foes using your new-found relic-based strength. Fight over and relic in-hand, nav assist and climb your way onward into another empty vault.

Once you reach solid ground, nav assist forward and look for a companion prompt, which you should get Atreus to shoot to progress.

Nav assist forward some more if you haven't already and hit the interact prompt which begins another...


Use the navigation assist and hit any interaction points you come across, the first should be a blade shortcut unlock and the second a chain-style interact (you may have to roll left and then nav assist to get out of the small area you start in to get this one).

If you were to interact with the prompt in front of you, you'd move the left stick backwards and notice the chain is blocked, then press Circle to stop interacting with the chain. However, should you wish, you can skip this almost entirely by, after hitting the interact prompt and disengaging from the chain again, using nav assist to find a spot where Atreus can shoot an arrow.

On PS4, walk left so that the chain interact is directly to your right and then look down a little and aiming should get you this prompt, though it's a little finicky.

On PS5, You have to move around a little then nav assist should realise what you're trying to do and let you aim at the prompt automatically.

After shooting the arrow with Atreus confirming it should be clear now, return to the chain, interact and move it backwards.

Atreus confirms that you're successfully done with this by saying Ready when you are.

Use nav assist to find the next interactable to move on via a zipline, taking this speedy way down means you've completed the puzzle.

End of puzzle.

Note: If you reload your save, you'll have to do the above puzzle again, even if you save at the end of the zipline.

You are, however, not done with puzzles just yet.

One More Door puzzle

Nav assist until you drop down via auto-traversal, then stop. Nav assist again without moving forward, then turn back towards the sound of water.

Look around and aim until you find an axe cue and throw it. If successful, you'll hear the sounds of wheels turning. If not, recall and aim to the right from where you threw the axe. You should see a second prompt which should be the correct one.

Leave the axe where it is for now once you're successful.

Now use nav assist, then an interact to boost Atreus up, at which point he'll see a crank.

Whilst Kratos is talking about another mental exercise, nav assist and drop down once. Look around, primarily towards Atreus' voice (without aiming) until you get a companion prompt and activate it, at which point Atreus should say that's gotta be it. You can nav assist round and call back the axe.

Find another axe prompt in line with where nav assist takes you. Once hit, the platform lowers and you can interact to swing onboard.

Now recall the axe to raise yourself up, but you won't get all the way up. Nav assist and move forward slightly, then turn to the right by around 45 degrees or so and aim until you get a companion prompt again. Shooting this will cause the platform to finish raising and allow you to nav assist forward. If it doesn't work, you can walk around until you fall off the platform (the sound of what should be slightly behind you to your left to make the necessary drop. this could be it, at which point you can run to an interaction prompt, marking the end of the puzzle. The interaction in question is a checkpoint as well, so if you want to save and stop here you can, with your only task next session to be to nav forward and hit it again.

End of puzzle

Once you've opened the door and heard dialogue exchanged, navigate forward, interact and climb.

When you've finished climbing, you encounter a locked door, indicated by the sound cue associated with locked items (found in the glossary if you're uncertain).

On PS5, aim and shoot multiple arrows until an interactable prompt appears.

On PS4, there are 2 pairs of prompts to shoot, to the left and right of the door, one above the other. I hit these consistently as follows:

Nav assist then look right and then down for about a quarter of a second each. If done correctly you should find a companion prompt, which you should hit with multiple arrows. Move the right stick straight up for about half a second and you should get a second companion prompt to shoot, just like the first. Then nav assist to re-centre yourself and repeat for the two on the left-hand side, turning left instead of right of course.

If you've done it correctly (regardless of your build's method), you should see an interactable (which will serve as a checkpoint. Trigger this interact prompt to start a battle, which begins with a short, narrated tutorial on BIFRÖST ATTACKS and a mention of a new enemy type, Einherjar. Dismiss this by pressing confirm when you're ready.

These warriors are formidable. They'll throw out unblockable attacks as well as standard ones, so keep your wits about you and dodge, block and potentially parry as needed.

After the battle, find an interactable, then, as the audio cue indicates, hold or mash interact, depending on your preferred settings. Doing this successfully triggers a cutscene.

Cutscene over, you'll enter another encounter with more einherjar, though do note that you won't have Atreus to back you up, so the fight might seem a little harder. If you get stuck and can't use nav assist, run around the small area until, in my case during one playthrough, one final enemy enters the fight. Once everyone's defeated, dialogue will trigger and, along with a quest update, nav assist should be available again.

As with most navigational issues, rolling left or right should unstick you from any geometry if that's needed if you find yourself unable to progress forward and think you should be able to.

Use an interact prompt to swing down and enter dialogue with Atreus (who won't back you up in this fight, once again), as well as confronting more Einherjar.

Warriors defeated, follow nav assist, interacting with any prompts you come across, with a blade swing seemingly signalling an end to combat. A little more navigation, accompanied by dialogue, will trigger the next cutscene and an update to your quest.

Cutscene over, navigate whilst some conversations occur until you get to an interact prompt. Activate said prompt and, once you emerge outside in a new area (with the accompanying sound effect), continue to navigate onward until you come to a combat encounter. After the battle, use navigation assist to walk to the next interactable to trigger a cutscene.

When you hear the heavy attack sound, you can choose to continually tap both the Aim button and Heavy attack button to progress as soon as the sound starts (you can't hold them down unfortunately), though you can also wait until the conversation stops before pressing these buttons together each time the cue plays. If done correctly, Mimir will observe they're getting out of here not a moment too soon.

Then, when prompted, hold the Interact button. After the resultant cutscene, your quest will update once again.

Cutscene done with, nav assist forward (hitting the raven on your left should you wish) until you get into combat.

After the battle, use the navigation assist to go to the mystic gateway and interact to go through, travel to the correct destination is automatic in this instance.

Once again, wait for the end of dialogue to then move forward and hit the exit for the gateway, triggering another cutscene.

After the cutscene finishes and you regain control, nav assist to an interact prompt and thus converse with Atreus. Words exchanged, you can turn around and head to wards Sindri and find the shop and warchest to make any upgrades.

If you don't want to though, you can nav assist to a final interact prompt, triggering what starts out as a rather reflective moment and marking the end of chapter 2.

Chapter 3: Old Friends

In this chapter, you play as Atreus and Sindri.

After the cutscene from the previous chapter finishes, you gain control of... Atreus! Yes, for a while at least we will be playing as Boy himself.

Nav assist forward and the quest will update, then continue nav assisting to the mystic gateway, where travel is again automatic (though that is not always the case of course.

As before, just stop and wait until the dialogue finishes and then head forward, you should be able to go straight through.

When you get through the Mystic gateway, we have another quest progress update, as well as some dialogue.

Nav assist and traverse your way along. You'll auto climb, then drop down twice in a row, the drops being a little further apart than you might expect.

Now you're introduced to Atreus' attack scheme via a tutorial of sorts on Sonic arrows, as you have to aim and then hold heavy briefly when the cue appears, then release to fire a sonic arrow at a progression blocker. There are two and hitting the first one is usually easy, but the second one that is just alongside it to the left, on the PS4 version at least, can be almost impossible to locate at times. If you really are stuck, you can restart the checkpoint and run the short distance back to the area until you hit both targets, at which point an interact prompt will appear. In my testing it didn't take too many tries to succeed at this one though.

On PS5, nav assist to hit the second prompt then continue as normal.

If you continue navigating along, there are actually a couple of extra tutorials here for light attack arrows being unlimited as well as sound stone on a barrel. It turns out that these are all totally optional, as well as being hard to locate and hit, however.

Tutorials done or not, traverse along until the arm of Tyr's statue is mentioned. If you aim and hear a heavy attack cue, you can hit it to progress this small puzzle-style section. If not, feel free to restart the checkpoint and you should be able to hit nav assist once, aim and hit it straight away.

After you hit the sound stone, navigate your way to a climbing spot, at which point you'll have to nav assist all the way along until your feet stop moving. From here, look down slightly and aim and, if you get another heavy attack cue, hit it. This might take some repositioning, at least it did in my testing, but if you've nav assisted multiple times and you're sure your feet aren't moving forward and you even get the attack cue when aiming, rolling left once might solve it. If successful, Sindri briefly retells part of Kratos and Thor's first encounter.

Navigate forward until you find an interaction prompt, which then takes you into a climb. When you get to the end of this, there's a second interactable, which leads you into your first combat encounter as Atreus.

Though you've only learnt ranged combat so far, you can also use normal light and heavy attacks (as well as a runic ability with L1 and R1 together as per usual though the game doesn't overtly tell you any of this, at least not yet).

Post-combat, nav assist to an interactable and use it to discuss the state of a lift, then do so again to activate said elevation device. Next, nav assist and walk forward to trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene, your quest will update again and you can nav assist forward, then interact to progress. Then, hold interact when prompted then nav assist so Sindri can do what's needed and, once you get another quest update, nav assist forward once again to another interaction prompt.

Hitting this, continue nav assisting until you get into combat, after which point you get a tutorial about oil pots. Nav assist until you see an enemy or until you aim and get an arrow prompt, whichever comes first. Once those are dealt with, move to the interact prompt. If none shows up, you might have to aim and shoot a heavy arrow to get it to appear.

Nav assist to another interactable to help Sindri to progress, though you may have to shoot an arrow first to unlock it, including if restarting from a checkpoint as I did when I reloaded a save here. Sindri will ask if this is a sign once you hit the prompt.

Just after this conversation occurs, you'll get a prompt about new skills being available so purchase those if you want, then nav assist to what becomes a climbing sequence. The next interactable you climb to will trigger a conversation, but you can still keep climbing after using it.

Once you reach the top of this climb, you'll get into more combat, though this time without Sindri's aid.

Given you're supposed to hit an oil pot here but target locking doesn't factor those in (at least as of time of writing), you can just shoot the enemy with regular arrows to get the job done. Walk forward and interact to continue climbing, where Sindri will ask if this is a good idea. As you climb, you'll hear an interactable, hit it and continue traversing until you reach the top of this particular section (you might need to move to your left after hitting that mid-climb interact). Then as before, nav assist forward to yet another climbing area as signalled by an interaction prompt, where Atreus says as long as I go up and forward.

This is the final climbing section for now and, once you reach the top, you are able to nav assist and run into combat. If you see a light arrow cue, hit this and you might get some resources as well. Dispatch your foes, then nav assist for some traversal and more enemies will attack you.

This encounter done with, time for some more arrow progression puzzling.


end of puzzle.

Sound stone destroyed and enemies obliterated, nav assist forward until you can find that interaction prompt we tried to work with as a part of the puzzle. Atreus starts talking to himself about what his father would say.

You'll eventually come to another combat encounter which will inform you of aforementioned bow abilities (the equivalent to a runic attack). If you can't hit enemies with physical light/heavy attacks, utilise the ranged equivalents.

After this fight, run forward and interact to undertake some more climbing, with an interaction to continue up towards another combat encounter with some nightmares.

Keep fighting these shorter battles and moving forward with nav assist until Atreus says he wishes he had a compass.

Continuing onward you'll run into some more nightmares which, in case you're unfamiliar, are flying ranged enemies that are easily taken down usually with a heavy arrow for stun then a light arrow to finish them. Sometimes they'll play an unblockable/dodge cue, which means that they'll attempt to explode at your location and do damage to you. Either avoid them or shoot them down.

After this encounter, run and nav assist to another one, this time with seemingly stronger enemies. If you feel they are too strong, double check and see if you have any skills you'd like the look of, as they can help in tough fights. Repeat the same process with some more exploding nightmares at which point Atreus will doubt himself by asking I got this, right?

Another combat encounter awaits you after some more nav assisting, in my case with a singular shielded enemy. If you didn't decide to upgrade Atreus skills, you can run in and attempt to hit him with a light attack, at which point the enemy will react and give you a shield strike prompt.

Hitting this strike will stun it and allow for significant damage from any of your attacks.

You could also opt to block one of its attacks that are usually telegraphed by a quick, low croaking growl about a second before the actual attack connects, leaving them vulnerable.

If, however you did opt for upgrades, you can hit him with the running heavy attack to launch enemies and a hold heavy for stun should you have those skills available to you.

Foes defeated, Nav assisting and some traversal will get you to a point where Sindri yells out asking if it is indeed us up there and Atreus talks about a big door, thus signalling the end of the combat gauntlet.

If you haven't already gone past Sindri, you could use his voice to find a talk prompt to answer his question. This prompt did prove a little tricky to find at times, but you can also progress without triggering the dialogue should you so wish. Said talk prompt also leads to a fun choice as well as to whether to hit interact or light attack, both providing different responses.

Whether you triggered the optional conversation or not, nav assist forward, continue to traverse and you'll reach another climbing sequence, all whilst Atreus discusses what's to come. He'll say something along the lines of here goes nothing when you are near the top. When you finally reach it by heading to your left, still on the climbable surface, you'll trigger a cutscene.

Once the cutscene's done, along with another quest update, nav assist your way to an interaction prompt for a chain. Climb it and continue to nav assist to another interaction prompt, beginning the first of a series of further climbing sections.

Once Atreus says good thing I like climbing, the next time you are on solid ground and able to nav assist, do so until your feet stop moving, then role backwards once. From here, aim and hit a heavy attack cue to explode a progression blocker, revealing Sindri and an interaction prompt, which you should hit.

A long climb or two later and you'll be able to nav assist to an interactable which triggers another conversation with Sindri, then some combat.

After the battle, courtesy of an interaction prompt via nav assist, Sindri will ask Atreus opinion on something.

Nav assist and you'll come to a battle, after which point you'll learn what Sindri was on about.

Whilst the dialogue is still ongoing, or after it's finished, nav assist to an interact prompt, climb (move left to exit the climb itself at the top), auto-traverse and navigate your way to even more combat.

Post-fight, the next interact prompt continues more conversation and, after the dialogue finishes you should be right on top of another interaction prompt, this time for the lift.

With the lift stopped, nav assist to the mystic gateway and exit as usual. Nav assist again to an interactable to trigger a cutscene that marks the end of chapter 3.

Chapter 4: Groa's Secret

In this chapter, you play as Kratos, followed by Atreus, Tyr and Mimir.

If you've not already done so, push forward on the left stick to leave the table. Before you head out on the next part of your adventure, you can head towards the metallic clang of the shop to purchase whatever you need in terms of upgrades or grab any loot from the warchest. Trigger any optional conversations as well with triangle.

That done, nav assist your way to the mystic gateway (via a brief cutscene as you open the door), followed by another when you interact with the gateway itself. During this second interaction, you'll meet another new character, be introduced to how realm travel works and be advised how unlocking new areas works.

As a part of this tutorial, you want to hit confirm, then select Alfheim, then if you feel you're ready, hold confirm to travel to this new realm.

After some dialogue, walk forward as usual to interact and exit the gateway, at which point you start a new quest.

Nav assist your way to an interaction prompt, which will swing you over a gap. Continue nav assisting to another interaction prompt which will start you climbing. When you reach the top and Atreus mentions about him hearing something, (this is related to a side quest), continue onward to further interaction prompts. Once you drop down from a non-blade auto-traversal, where the party start discussing Freya's brother (somewhat confusingly named Freyr) you should hear a raven on your left, which you can hit if you want to. You may have to move quite a way towards it to hit it though, just to make you aware.

Keep nav assisting until Atreus mentions a barricade, at which point you get a tutorial about Twilight stone, which reflects axe throws. Nav assist until your feet stop moving then roll to your left once and you should get an aim cue, which you can hit to allow you to pass through, after which a small battle begins.

That battle done with, nav forward and climb. Once you reach the top and nav assist further, you'll come across some combatants and Tyr attempts to break up the fight by saying "that's enough". These enemies aren't immediately aggressive to you directly, but will be when you get close enough, starting your first encounter with light elves.

Once done, nav assist towards an interaction prompt and hit it, then repeat to get to a gate. This gate interact starts a cutscene, at first, then:


End Of Puzzle

Walk forward and look for an aim cue to throw the axe at. In my experience, though on PS5 I could hit the cue straight away, on PS4 I had to nav assist, aim, then look up slightly to hit the twilight stone I was looking for. If it bounces off to your left, roll right and reattempt the throw. If the bouncing metallic noises happen for a longer duration, with dialogue after, you've finished this small puzzle element.

Now move on to an interactable prompt and use it to swing to the other side of a gap.

On the PS5 version, you can nav assist after any dialogue here finishes and eventually find a throw cue to hit some twilight stone. Hitting this will allow you to progress and if you can't hit it, rolling left once should solve it, at least it did for me in my tests.

PS4 notes for this throw:

The good thing is that once you've hit this throw cue, that's a checkpoint.

After this checkpoint

Nav assist to your next interactable to open a door and trigger a battle with some more light elves.

After the fight, as Atreus points out that the light bridges are gone, nav assist your way to where Mimir talks about disfiguring some architecture, where Tyr will provide a way to get you across a gap. Cross said gap by following nav assist again to get to a back-to-back series of 3 blade swing interaction prompts. Note that on PS5, I got a little stuck and had to turn to my left and run for a while before retriggering nav assist to get this interaction prompt to show up, though this issue doesn't always occur.

Keep nav assisting until they start talking about what the elves want with the light, where you should eventually find an interact prompt.

Use this to swing up onto a platform, then nav assist forward until you get a throw cue. Hit this and your party will warn of more light elves ahead, though they won't be immediately present.

Note that the aforementioned throw cue is sometimes a little tricky to hit in the first place, just be patient with it and try to move as carefully as you can with nav assist and walking forward.

If you see an interact prompt and haven't dropped off the platform, it's actually one of Kvasir's poems. If you've collected this, nav assist then aim and the throw should be successful, at which point Tyr says he'll handle this. Of course, this request is rejected by the party.

nav assist to progress (roll around and you should drop down if you get stuck), then you should run into the previously referenced elves, including mystics that can throw homing orbs.

Those elves defeated and a discussion of which side is right ongoing, run to the next interaction prompt to progress through a door.

Nav assist to another interactable which will start a puzzle.




End of puzzle

Release the crank (it will sound like it's not held in place but don't worry, if successful you'll be able to use a blade point and swing down into what turns out to be a battle with some nightmares.

A quick note on nightmares as Kratos: If you can get into fishing range with the blades, you can pull them in for an instant kill animation.

After the battle, proceed onward via nav assist and you should reach an interaction prompt that should trigger more combat through another door.

After the battle, nav assist to an interact that unlocks a blade shortcut, then continue nav assisting and auto-traversaling until you hear mention of a mystic. This is a tutorial for Twilight stone staggering enemies.

If you want you can just do this fight normally, but if you want to use the tutorial stone, you can move forward via nav assist and aim at the mystic, then downwards a little to find a throw cue. If you hit this and are successful you should see the axe bounce up and hit the enemy multiple times. This is not mandatory though, of course, but it is fun if you can land it.

After that battle, nav assist, interact to climb and when prompted, fight the elves that will meet you at the top. Note that there is some twilight stone to the right of the arena as you come in, though you may find it hard to hit in the heat of battle.

After that combat encounter, as Tyr points out a statue and crystals that he's seen on the elves, nav assist to an interact prompt and save here before you hit it. Once you do hit this prompt, you shove that same statue to make a bridge, in suitably dramatic fashion.

This also begins, should you wish to take it, an opportunity for you to open another:

Nornir chest

Note that this chest, though obtainable, can be a little complicated in terms of navigation and locating it, even to begin with. These instructions are as consistent as we could make them during testing, though please be aware that this may take a few attempts, hence the above save suggestion. When you load the save, you'll have to push the statue over every time, just in case you wonder why there's an interact prompt immediately present.

Instead of having destructible seals, this chest has bells to ring in order to open it. All 3 bells ringing at once will unlock the chest.


The Throw

End Of Chest Instructions

Chest unlocked or not, continue onward and interacting where needed. Eventually you'll come to another battle, which gives you another tutorial about using Twilight stone to stagger enemies. Unfortunately, here all the enemies know where you are and lock on doesn't factor these environmental elements in as targets, so you'll likely just end up doing the fight normally.

Post elf-fight, nav assist onward (hit the raven on your left if you want to though it's a little tricky and far away), then find an interact prompt to progress.

Hearing mention of a statue's shield, this heralds the start of a puzzle.

Statue Shield Puzzle:

The tricky part

End Of Puzzle

Continue navigating including dropping down via your blades to an interact prompt, which will allow you to open the door and progress.

Nav assist and drop down via auto traversal, then head to the next interactable to open a door, where another puzzle awaits.


End of puzzle.

When the conversation is done and the lift stops, move forward via nav assist and a cutscene should trigger.

After the cutscene, nav assist and keep interacting with doors as you find them, until you hear the clanging of Sindri's shop. Upgrade or purchase what you need from here before you move on, as well as having any optional conversations. If you loot the warchest and have trouble finding him again, move backwards and to your left slightly and you should find his interaction prompt.

When you are finished at the shop, move to the next interactable to trigger a long cutscene.

Cutscene over, there's another optional conversation available with Sindri. This done with, nav assist through the next door via an interact prompt and into combat.

Enemies defeated, move to another combat encounter via nav assist. After completing this one, nav assisting to the next interaction prompt should get you into a third fight.

This combat encounter will involve some traversal, so look around for an interact prompt after the first few enemies are defeated in order to fight some more. Once the second set are defeated, your 3rd set will appear once you nav assist to them.

After defeating these, you'll hear, after a little while, Atreus calling you to go this way thus meaning you should follow. Nav assist, keep moving, interacting, fighting and using auto-traversal (the nav assist might get a little stuck at times, so being a little patient might be necessary here).

There will come a point after dropping down via your blades (not through an interactable prompt) where you no longer have control of your character. Eventually, you'll hear the word enough as the score plays during a cutscene, then the standard battle themes kick back in.

Move forward until the rage cue plays to enter a boss fight.

Boss Fight: Alva

Alva is a light elf, though she's significantly stronger than the ones you've fought before. Listen to the cues that you're working with (shield strike, unblockable, parry/guard break) and counter these as needed, whilst being mindful of when you have your runics up. Even on Give Me Grace this battle can take a while, so keep your wits about you and keep attacking her until she goes down thanks to a stun finisher or two.

Grab all the loot she drops, then nav assist your way to a cutscene (though the loss of control cue doesn't play. Continue walking forward whilst the conversation is happening and eventually, you'll trigger a second cutscene, again with no audio cue to tell you that you have no control.

Cutscenes over, move to an interaction prompt and hit it to swing across a gap, then nav assist to another interact prompt to find the next door and open it.

From here, continue nav assisting, interacting and fighting your way through until Tyr asks if you can leave now. There are a fair few fights to go through here, also featuring your first encounters with dark elves. You'll be able to tell light elves from their dark counterparts as Dark elf wings are very easy to pick out as they thrum through the air.

Once you've fought your way to the gateway, hit an interact prompt, then hit a second one not long after to actually activate it. Finally, press and hold square to travel to Sindri's house and, after the dialogue is finished, walk through the gate in front of you via the interact prompt.

Head over to your left and talk to Ratatoskr (the character you met earlier and speak to him. You don't have to throw at the chimes, but if you can and want to there's some humorous dialogue you can get out of it.

Nav assist your way to the door to Sindri's house proper that triggers a small cutscene. Once that's over, conduct any upgrades you might wish to make, including looting the war chest as usual if there's anything there. There should be an axe upgrade to make if you haven't already done it, in my case getting it to level 3.

As I was upgrading my skills, purchasing multiple at once in this case, I got a tutorial for skill mods. Press X on the skill it puts you on after the announcement and you should be able to follow it to its intended destination by using up and down on the DPad then holding square on one of the selected elements to craft the mod token. If you have access to OCR, you can see what impact the token will have.

After that's all done, nav assist to an interact prompt, which will start the cutscene leading into chapter 5.

More Chapters Coming Soon!

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